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1st Team Squad

Bracknell Manics 1st Team Squad

Get to know the Manics veterans, coupled with technical youth, who play in the Aldershot and District Sunday League’s Premier Division.

The 1st Team management team consists of: Nikos Patsalides (Sec/Manager), Brian Judge (PlayerManager).

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  • Brad ‘Braddles’ Gibson
  • Catarino ‘Newboy’ Mendes
  • Chris ‘Callaway’ Callaway
  • Damian ‘Newboy’ Bolka
  • Elliott ‘Woods’ Fairs
  • Gavin ‘Bakes’ Baker
  • Greg ‘Newboy’ O’Reilly
  • Josh ‘Joshy’ Leather
  • Kirk ‘Benson’ Hedges
  • Kurt ‘Newboy’ Luck
  • Mark ‘Tags’ Tobin
  • Ralston ‘Newboy’ Cordial
  • Reece ‘Newboy’ Gregson
  • Sam ‘Newboy’ Dunn
  • Shane ‘Newboy’ Williams
  • Stuart ‘Clappo’ Clapson
  • Tommy ‘Newboy’ Brazil
  • William ‘Newboy’ Bremner



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