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Nikos Patsalides Player Profile

Nikos Patsalides

Nikos Patsalides and his magic banana kick


Never scored a single competitive goal. Spends most of his time working. Scored one of the fastest goals in the history of the club in a friendly and made it look easy (Baker missed it as he was on the phone to his wife). Tenacious. Wispy. Hoarse. Provider of unlimited supplies of tape. He was the youngest player/manager & club secretary to consecutively take a new team to promotion 4 times in succession over a period of four years. 15 years later and he continues to run the club he’s been obsessed with all these years – we aren’t sure why.


Patso, Dirty Greek, Sparrow, Kavos

Also played for:

Guildford City Weysiders FC, Bracknell Manics FC


Leeds United and the Manics FC

Most Memorable Moment/s:

Winning Division 2, defeating Dog & Duck Emmbrook 3-0 in a must win game to win the league. Also, watching Jimmy Ping fall on his backside whilst taking a throw-in on an icy pitch in a friendly vs Downshire Arms.