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Manics top marks in chemistry over Falcons

When Louis Pasteur discovered his Germ Theory in 1861, it is unlikely he ever thought about how in 150 years time a General Practitioner in East Berkshire would be using his very principle, that germs cause infections, on an ordinary young man. But a Doctor DID use this theory and every player on the Morgan Rec KNEW about the aforementioned young man’s eye infection. Did we need to know? Probably not, but it was a highlight of the game.

Right from the start the Manics were determined to bug the Falcons back line. Without Jamie Gaff to infect the opponents, Manics turned to Lee Blackman in an advanced role. He was full of running, but not as much as veteran Gavin Baker who was performing age-defying stunts out on the left. Baker was on their right back like the plague and opened the scoring for the home team with needle-like accuracy from an acute angle.

Manics continued to dominate the game, passing across the midfield was slick and wing backs were a constant threat. They really needed to put the goalkeeper under the microscope more and they did when Blackman made it 2-0.

Half time came and Blay snr and Judge were looking to cure Manics second half problem with words of encouragement. They seemed to work as Blackman ended a great team move to make the score 3-0. However, as the game drew to a close the boys in blue were getting really under the cosh. Falcons pulled one back, missed a penalty and saw one effort cleared off the line as Manics again looked shaky as the game wore on.

Louis Pasteur would be proud.

Manics Starting XI: Robinson, Blay Snr, Morton, Axton-Hall, Evans, Davies, Blay Jnr, Sarney, Baker, Clapson, Blackman.
Bench: Judge, Dinsdale
Subs not used: NA

Refs MoM: Axton-Hall
MoM: Blackman

Bookings: None

Blackman/Blay Jnr


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