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Salt N Pepa

Manics these days are a seasoned bunch and old heads and really ought to know better. But let’s be honest, nobody has looked after themselves particularly well, so grinding out victories – or even draws – especially in the last minute – has been a hard task. Week on week they have been missing an important ingredient. Goalscorer? Defender? Leader? A pinch of something has been lacking…

For the game against Morley Road (who looked completely different from the Morley Road we played on the first game) Manics welcomed back Matt Tennant up front, who apparently can’t handle hangovers. There’s your goalscorer. Also back in the fray from a freak broken foot and flu bug came Gary Sarney, your leader, along with a very different looking Gavin Baker. Still got the beard, he’s your defender.

So we should be alright then?

They’ve got ten men!!’ And our manager is the ref! Bloody hell, can’t lose this!

Blay wins the toss!

In the bag. No way we are losing this!

Go 1-0 down. Doom.

But not for long – Wilson crosses in a delicious fluke over the mascot, I mean the keeper for 1-1. Then, ridiculous corner scenes result in one of the most odd goals in the world from Andy Taylor to put the manics ahead 2-1.

Just as all seemed good, a bounce of mind boggling proportions put Blay into mental turmoil. One of the ginger brethren but fellow opposition capitalised and scored a worldy for the equaliser 2-2.

Half time.

Out the boys came determined to Push It and win the game. Matt T proved that what he lacked in hangover recovery, he made up for in goal poaching.

He made it 3-2 after great work down the right from Taylor. With the Manics finally looking like they can play, another dodgy bounce caught them out. This time Baker got tangled in ball/sun/gravity turmoil and Morley Road’s young gloved assassin struck a blow below the body of Bevans. 3-3, and some of the Manics were getting annoyed with oneanother.

Bickering was rife, smiles were rare, negativity was permeating the air around. The players wanted to have a go at the ref, but how could they? They might get subbed! Or worse…

Matt T (Whatta Man, whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man) got the fourth, another poachers effort to put the Manics back in front. But still doom and gloom continued, especially between our two salt and pepper haired midfielders, Chef and Wilson. Chef, still more pepper than salt, was generally moaning a lot, critisizing his teammates in more ways than one and saying how perfect he was. Wilson, more salt than pepper these days, was verbally abusive to chef in the strongest terms, in fact calling him the biggest F**** P**** in the team.

They pushed each other a bit and swore at each other and genetalia was soon whipped out. Awful behaviour from two grown men who ought to know better. Good job their sons weren’t around to witness that…Shoop.

Anyway, Manics continued to huff and puff. Some good football was played in patches by both teams and defending became tight in the second half. Manics held on to the lead 4-3 for the final whistle.

Manics Starting XI: Evans Jnr, Blay, Cordial, Baker, Taylor, Evans Snr, Sarney, Wilson, Luck, Tennant, Thapa.
Bench used: Leather, Callaway
Subs not used: Williams, Mussel, Regmi

Refs MoM: Taylor
MoM: Tennant

Bookings: None

Tennant/Evans Snr


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