- To change the screen resolution
 - Google Website Search


To change the screen resolution

 * Minimise ALL screens you are working on.
 * Right-click anywhere on the desktop (wallpaper/screen), a 'drop-down menu' appears
 * Left-click Properties
 * The 'Display Properties' box will appear
 * Select the 'Settings' tab
 * Move the screen resolution up to 1024 x 768 pixels.
 * Click Apply
 * Click OK
 * If a prompt asks you if you are happy with these settings click on ok to keep them.


Google Website Search

Google Website Search enables you to search the entire Manics website for anything you are interested in. Once you have searched, you are taken to a Google results page displaying your results. If you at any point wish to go back to the Manics homepage click on the BMFC logo on the left to return. Or you can click on any of the other links on the left too.