wednesday 17th March 2003
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Six-a-side Season Just Around the Corner

Bracknell Manics have entered two 6-a-side Teams into the Bracknell Sports & Leisure Centre 6-a-side League. Both the A and B teams will be looking to get top spots this season and are grouped as follows:

Bracknell Manics A
* Chris
* Brian Judge
* Ryan Millward
* Glenn Evans - PAID
* David Fenton - PAID
* Paul Milner - PAID
* Tony Hemley
* Joel Curran
* Melvyn Lane - FREE
* Phillip Pratt - FREE

Bracknell Manics B
* Luke Phillips - PAID
* James Blackman
* Lee Willcox
* Mark Eveleigh
* James Robinson
* Alan Morris - PAID
* Chris Wilson
* Mark Robertson
* Andrew Morten - FREE
* Nikos Patsalides - FREE

Both teams are expected to do well, the opening game is the 23rd March and will see the A & B Teams fight it out against eachother for their first 3 points!!!

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