Tuesday 26th February 2003
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Revenge Sweet for Manics

The Manics took on Crown Wood Wanderers this week in the second round of the Gowrings Cup. They'd already beaten Woodley Hammers Reserves, and now faced tougher opposition. The Manics looked for revenge after Crown Wood Wanderers knocked them out of the Subsidiary Cup in their 2001-2002 Campaign...

A strong squad, and a full bench would be out for this week's exciting game. James Robinson would be in goal, and the back four consisted of James Blackman on the left, David Fenton (back from injury) inside, with Tony Hemley next door and Luke Phillips on the right. The Midfield remained untouched this week and upfront saw Paul Milner alongside Darren Dean. The bench saw Andy Impey, Mark Eveleigh, Brian Judge, Aaron Goddard, and Alan Morris.

The Manics started brightly from the kick off; Gary Sarney passed to Paul Milner, who turned the Crown Wood player and sent David Comper down the line to put in an early cross. Crown Wood was prepared though, steeling the ball and putting it out of danger.

Crown Wood Wanderers responded with a long ball over the top, but Tony Hemley cleared this for a corner ball. It was crossed to the back post, but the header was off target and wide of goal.

Five minutes later and the Manics put the pressure on again. A Glenn Evans through ball put Milner on but his sliding shot went over the bar. Then a minute later, Milner gave Darren Dean a chance on goal with a great through ball, but Dean pushed it wide of the goal.

It was looking like the game would be a tough one, and both Midfields were working hard. On the tenth minute, Dean was brought down on the edge of the box, after some clever footwork. David Fenton took and laid off to James Blackman. The shot went high and wide though.

Then on the 19th minute, Crown Wood Wanderers had a great chance wasted. James Blackman jumped a sliding challenge, and gave Crown Wood's striker to win the ball and turn on goal. David Fenton, under pressure put in a challenge in the box and the referee blew for a penalty. The Fans watched and the Crown Wood Wanderers striker placed the ball on the spot. Luckily for the Manics, their striker shot, and went wide of the goal. It was still 0-0 and the Manics were still in with a chance.

James Blackman made a careless challenge seven minutes later and the Manics conceded a free kick near the corner flag. Again the Manics were lucky as the cross went too far, accross goal and out for a throw for the Manics.

Comper had a chance to score on the 30th minute but was beaten to the ball in a 50/50 charge on goal, after a long ball from Darren Dean.

3 minutes later and the Manics put the pressure on again. A lively run by Comper on the break from a corner, passed the ball to Dean, who ran the wing, and a good challenge from the Crown's defender saw it go for a corner. Evans took, and the keeper punched high into the air. Dean was there, and on his back foot, headed the ball onto and over the bar.

It was even, 0-0 at the break, and it could go either way in the second half. Crown Wood Wanderers dangerous long ball approach, and strength in midfield saw a slight change in the Manics plan, but no substitutions were made at this crucial point of the game.

The second half kicked off, and the Manics went straight to work in the first ten minutes, piling on pressure and frustrating the Crown Wood midfield. On the 8th minute Fenton intercepted a pass and pushed up field with the ball. He beat two players before passing, and then receiving the ball back from a deflection off a Crown player, before taking on another two players and shooting from the edge of the box. The keeper claimed it his though and put another stop to a Manic goal.

Luke Phillips began to get on top of the game and found the time to shoot from far out, but again the keeper punched the ball away from danger. The Manics were beginning to get the better of the second half and Phillips slowly worked the ball up the line with a series of throws.

Crown Wood had a player sent in the 25th minute, and this opened the door for the Manics to get the lead. Crown Wood had made all three substitutions by now, and ten minutes later the Manics made their first. Glenn Evans would be the player off after a knock, and Mark Eveleigh would be on again to prove his worth. 1 minute later after a great spell of pressure, the goal came. Mark Eveleigh passed to Dean, who crossed the ball which deflected off the defenders head, and off Milner's to head it home and make it 1-0 to the Manics.

The remaining ten was hard fought. Another Crown Wood Wanderers player was cautioned and lucky not to be sent off after lashing out on Sarney. Soon after Crown Wood hit the woodwork, but final whistle went with this game 1-0 to the Manics, who advance as one of the final eight teams left in the competition.

An amazing show by the Manics this weekend, now the Manics face the Finch 1st team in the next round.

Well done to the fans on what was a great turnout to watch the game. Your support helped us keep fighting on until the final whistle!

 Final Result: Crown Wood Wanderers 0 Bracknell Manics 1

 Man of the Match
   "Thanks to all the support on the day, see you in the next round!"
Tony Hemley  

 Next Week's Match: Dog & Duck Embrook vs Bracknell Manics
 Ground: Chestnut Ave

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