Wednesday 26th March 2003
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Ave'it AVIS!

The Manics were looking to take out their frustration from last weeks slip up against Dog & Partridge, and unfortunately for Avis, they were on the list. 3 points in this game would keep the Manics motivated and their minds focused on a 2nd or 3rd place finish in the league.

The line-up saw Ryan Millward on the bench, and gave Brian Judge a chance to prove himself out on pitch alongside Tony Hemley. Luke Phillips was back in the line-up as right back, and James Blackman took up his left back position. The midfield was untouched, and with Darren Dean missing, Glenn Evans would play up front with Paul Milner. 5 Subs on the bench this week; Alan Morris, Mark Eveleigh, Andy Impey, Ryan Millward, and finally, Joel Curran making his first appearance back from injury.

The game kicked off and after the first 10 minutes it wasn't looking good for the Manics. Within 3 minutes the Manics were 1-0 down, James Blackman with a beauty of an own goal. A throw from the Avis player met Blackman's head, and Robinson had no chance, as Blackman headed into the net.

Bracknell Manics replied with a shot on goal 4 minutes later, Gary Sarney shooting far out, but over the bar.

2 minutes later and Avis got the second. A poor clearance from Judge, was picked up by Avis, and after the Avis player turned Judge, he then drilled it home into the roof of the net to make it 2-0. Robinson was furious with the defence, and the Manics began to stir; they knew they could do better...

The Manics started to work and 5 minutes later, it paid off. Blackman pushed up and threw to Tony, who passed to Evans. A nice ball through from Tony again back to Evans, who took it well and then smashed it home to make it 2-1.

Then, 2 minutes later, the equaliser came. Blackman played a great through ball down the line to Paul Milner, who cut inside on goal. The keeper came out to meet him, but Milner made it look easy, poking the ball past him and into the net.

On the 22nd minute, Blackman had a free kick on goal and crossed the ball in, Milner headed, but it went wide of goal. A minute later and Blackman took another free kick on goal after another foul on by Avis on Evans. The shot sailed wide of goal, and could only be a wasted chance, when a ball into the box would have been a more sensible option.

Manics earnt a corner 4 minutes later after getting back into the game. Evans took, and Hemley met the ball well, but the accuracy was well off and the ball went over the bar. James Robinson worked hard, and made some good saves in the next ten minutes, loud and vocal, claiming the ball his in the box.

After 30 minutes, Blackman took another free kick on goal. This time Evans was fouled again, pulled back when on a break in front of goal. Blackman took, and again, the ball went over the bar and out for a kick.

Then a minute later the Manics conceded a free kick in front of goal, but the ball was rattled against the Manics wall, which stayed strong.

The Manics kept on pushing for another goal. Elliott Fairs won a goal kick out on the left wing. Before the defence knew it he was away, and off running through the defence on goal. A nice cross into the box to Evans, who had made an early run, was easily tucked into the net. The score was 3-2 to the Manics, who'd kept their head and pulled it back in their favour.

Evans had a chance for an early hatrick soon after, Aaron Goddard put in a great cross on the wing at the corner, and Evans had a free head on goal. Unlucky for Evans, this chance went over the bar.

The next goal needed an instant replay. Another throw, and another sloppy goal conceded for the Manics. The ball skimmed the gloves of Robinson and went past him into the net. The Manics protested the goal, but the referee was spot on with his decision to award the goal to Avis. It was 3-3 at half time, and the Manics would go for the kill in the second half. A substitution was made, and Brian Judge came off for Ryan Millward in his place.

David Comper wasn't doing himself any favours on the day. Two minutes into the second half, and the night before was beginning to show when his shot went wide of goal.

The Manics began to pile on the pressure. After 10 minutes of play the Manics came close 3 times in a row, each time just being denied a goal. A Milner header from a corner, a left foot shot from Sarney and another free kick from Blackman all came close of goal.

On the 12th minute, Blackman got one on target. Another sloppy challenge from the Avis midfield saw another free kick on goal. Blackman struck it sweetly, and it cruised into the top corner of the goal.

A minute later and Evans couldn't believe it when he was gifted a hatrick for the second time in the game. But again Evans was unlucky, possibly the miss of the season on this attempt. At point blank, Evans somehow miss kicked the ball, and the keeper had this one covered as it rolled sweetly towards him at goal.

It was clear though that the Manics were beginning to get on top of Avis. Blackman's 6th attempt for a free kick on goal went high and wide, and signalled to the boss that Joel Curran would be a suitable substitution.

On the 23rd minute, Robinson made sure he'd keep a clean sheet in the second half. A good cross from Avis led to a scramble in front of goal. Robinson stayed composed, and kept the ball out of the net.

10 minutes later and Curran scored a tidy free kick, and showed Blackman all he needed was one attempt in front of goal. Not only that, but this was Curran's first goal for the club in his first game back from injury.

Two minutes after this and the Manics scored again. This time Milner scored his second. Aaron Goddard put in a good throw for Milner to head in on target.

A substitution followed, Andy Impey would cover for an injured Robinson in goal, Robinson praised by the fans for his efforts in goal.

35 minutes had passed of the second half when Sarney got his goal, for his hard work in the second half. On a Manics attack, Fairs was sent down the wing after a good ball from Comper. Fairs slid in an early cross to Sarney who's shot was blocked and then rebounded of the keeper into the net.

Milner was the last to score, a happy beast again with another three goals to his tally. A shot from Curran was blocked by the keeper and then hammered home by Milner for his hatrick.

The final whistle blew and the game finished 8-3 to the Manics.

3 more points in the league! Next week it's the Semi Final against Syngenta for the Gowrings Cup, and the boys are on form!!!

Thanks to the large number of fans and support for the game, see you at the Crem again next Sunday.

 Final Result: Bracknell Manics 8 Avis Europe 3

 Man of the Match
   "Well done Manics! A great game. Tout - Syngenta, your next."
James Robinson  

 Next Week's Match: Bracknell Manics vs Syngenta
 Ground: Great Holland Crematorium, pitch 2

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