tuesday 15th April 2003
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Manics take on Finch Head to Head

Bracknell Manics had another tough game ahead of them this week, as they took on Finchampstead.

The line up saw the return of David Fenton, back after his ban, and he'd play along side Tony Hemley at back. James Blackman started on the left with Ryan Millward on the right. In midfield, nothing changed, David Comper Elliott Fairs, Gary Sarney, and Aaron Goddard making the four. Glenn Evans and Paul Milner would be the pair up front, and James Robinson would take his spot in goal.

Mark Eveleigh and Alan Morris were both injured this week, but the bench could still be filled, with Brian Judge, Joel Curran, Luke Phillips, And Impey and Mark Robertson earned his first call up after last Sunday's six-a-side.

Both teams started well, the Finch's pitch was one of the best played on so far this season, and both teams were taking advantage of it. Bracknell Manics had a good few chances before the first goal came…

On the 15th minute, David Fenton put in a free kick in towards Milner who rose above the his marker and headed the ball home. The score was 1-0, but there was still plenty of time.

The Manics had more chances, but they couldn't seem to get the ball into the net. The keeper saved Paul Miner's shot, and then on the 26th minute, Milner had another chance, which lobbing the keeper, but then went wide of goal.

Then Finchampstead equalised with only 9 minutes of the first half left to play. The Manics lost the ball in their half, and the Finchampstead player ran through the midfield, and shot on goal. The shot hit the inside of the post out of Robinson's reach and into the net.

In the second half, the Manics pushed further onto Finchampstead, but nothing seemed to be going their way. Gary Sarney had a chance in a 50/50 to get the ball, but the Finch keeper beat Sarney to the ball. Then, minutes later, the keeper saved a shot by Milner at a tight angle, but the referee had already blown for offside.

Soon though, with just 11 minutes remaining of play, Glenn Evans was fouled near the corner in the Finch's half, and James Blackman steped up to take the kick. A cross was put into the box, this time in Millward's direction who beat of the defence to head the ball. Millward's attempt hit the post and then rebounded in of the back of one of the Finch defenders.

The remainder of the game was hard fought, and Gary Sarney made a strong challenge in the last few minutes to keep the Manics with 3 points.

The final whistle had gone and the Manics had secured the game and another 3 points in the league in a 2-1 win over Finchampstead.

The Manics play South Ascot this week, and will go all out to win another 3 points.

Well done to the fans again - a good effort from you all again!

 Final Result: Finchampstead A 1 Bracknell Manics 2

 Man of the Match
   "From Torquay.. Seriously in all honesty - we've lost Tony!"
Gary Sarney  

 Next Match: Bracknell Manics vs South Ascot
 Date: 17/04/2003
Ground: HOME at Great Hollands Crem, pitch 2

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