wednesday 15th January 2003
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Strong turnout to training to start the year!

There's no doubt that the Manics will be entering the start of the New Year in full strength as at their most recent training session, 24 players turned up in the evening. Better yet, some new players are wishing to come and join the Manic's Cause too.

"This is further strength that Bracknell Manics FC is one of the best football clubs in the Bracknell & District Sunday Football League," explained Nikos, Manager of BMFC.

"We have just over 25 players now signed in the club, all regular at training, and we train every week, throughout the year where possible. Not only that but we will also be entering two teams into the Bracknell Sports & Leisure Centre 6-a-side Football League this summer. Players are now attracted to the club because of the good atmosphere, and because it is well run too."

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