wednesday 30th January 2003
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Milner Turns Head Coach for BMFC

Paul Milner yesterday agreed to become the Head Coach for Bracknell Manics FC.

This experienced player will now not only be scoring goals for BMFC, but also exert his strengths into training the Manics on Wednesday evenings too. With a wealth of experience, and enthusiasm to get more from the squad, Paul Milner believes this is a step in the right direction:

"The squad is doing well, our position is good in the table, training numbers are high, plus we have two more very attractive signings in the pipeline for the club. As Head Coach I will turn training around for the club this season."

Milner continued: "..I'll make sure all the lads enjoy being in the club still and that training's not taken too seriously. The Manics are a football club made of good mates, different to the other clubs in the league, made of pubs and companies. We're all about playing a good game of football - thats the way it will stay too!"

Nikos added: "Paul Milner will work the players harder at BMFC, introducing new training techniques, games and activities as well as prepare them for the coming game on Sunday's. He will also organise the other coaching staff,
Andy Impey, James Blackman, and Stephen Pierce. Milner wants to clamp down laziness on late payments, punctuality, enforce a better training programme and, as a result, get better displays from the all the players of BMFC."

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