wednesday 25th March 2003
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Pierce the Hero!

Stephen Pierce has been labelled a local hero in his town where he works in Woodley this week, after Pierce exercised his first aid skills on a totally new level.

On his lunch this afternoon, Pierce encountered a man who appeared to look rather 'pasty' looking. Pierce continued to watch the Man, who was possibly drunk, stumbled and fell before crackling his head open against a brick wall.

Just like Sunday mornings, as if by natural, Piercey went straight to his aid. Putting the male into the recovery position, Piercey cleared his airway, and to Pierce's relief, the male began to breathe almost straight away.

An onlooker said they knew his name, and Pierce spoke to him, reassuring the man everything would be ok. There was a lot of blood, and Pierce got tissue and dressed the wound applying his skills on the job, before asking a member of the group which had now formed to see what was going on to phone for an ambulance.

The ambulance came in minutes, and the man was then in capable hands. Had it not been for Pierce, then who knows what may have been the outcome. Piercey was a little shaken up after the incident, but the players of BMFC will feel comfortable knowing their first aider's on the scene at a game if there's trouble.

Well done Piercey, you did it!

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