monday 07th April 2003
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Fish: "Repeat - Let Me Tout Myself in the Final"

Lee Wilcox (known to most as Fish around Bracknell Town), is back and fighting for a slot in the Manics XI.

But however easy it appeared it would be to get back in, Wilcox is now fighting his old groin injury again, that he hoped would have gone away by his return after his travels. Wilcox is determined not to let this injury stop him from being in the selected squad ready for the Gowrings final.

Fish said: " Since back, I have been to have physiotherapy, with laser treatment and massage, and have also been exercising regularly. I want to prove that I will be fit and ready for selection, but I'm willing to take my time if it means I can tout myself in the final".

However easy it may sound, the boss, Nikos Patsalides is still concerned:

"When Lee went away on his travels he promised that on his return he'd be back pushing for a place in the squad, but since back, his old injury has come back."

Nikos continued... "Its not as easy now as it sounded back then. Despite injuries, I've seen some players shine in his place; Ryan Millward, Glenn Evans and even Luke Philips have had good games in his position. Plus, groin injuries aren't easy to overcome - they can really hinder you if they are not treated properly. I have to name a 1st 16 in two weeks; and if Lee still isn't fit, it will be very difficult to put him in the final 16 for the Gowrings Cup Final against Dog & Duck…"

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