tuesday 08th April 2003
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Manic Month Ahead

Its all go for the Manics this month as they make the final push. The Manics have 8 more league games to play this month and its tight at the top of the league. This means the Manics will be playing two games a week mostly Tuesday's, Thursday's and Sunday's!

* not including this weeks games played

On top of this the Manics will also be playing two six-a-side games in the week too. That totals a massive 16 games in just a month, and you can be sure one or possibly more players will be unfortunate to get injured before the Gowrings Cup Final at Bracknell Town Football Club on the 9th May. The Manics will have to work twice as hard this month to ensure they get a top 3 spot in the league.

C'mon Manics! We can do it!!!

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