monday 28th April 2003
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Manic Samaritons On Easter Sunday

Two Bracknell Manics players were on their way to celebrate manic Andrew Mortens birthday, when they stumbled across the frail, fallen and bloody body of an elderly gran of 7 children.

Having celebrated her easter sunday with her family in Reading, the unbeknown casualty, working her way down a flight of concrete steps, slipped, cascading downwards, cracking her head open on her way, to collapse in a heap at the stairs feet.

Fortunately for the stairs victim, Elliott Fairs and Lee Wilcox fatefully came to her aid. Both qualified first aiders, they assesed the situation in seconds, knowing time was of the essence! Calming the casualty, whilst examining the injury, the manic players knew hospital treatment was essential, despite the victims resistance.

Ensuring the appropriate treatment was given, the two samaritons escourted the lady back to her home where her local warden took control of the situation, making sure hospital treatment was given.

After possibly saving a human life, Lee Wilcox said "i'm just glad we was there at the right time and were capable of treating the wounded"


Elliott Fairs & Lee Wilcox -
Manics to be proud of!

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