sunday 31st August 2003
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Manics Open Fire On Rangers

Bracknell Manics FC kicked off the season today, playing at the Crem, with a full strength squad.

James Robinson


Glenn Evans

Neil Tagg

Tony Hemley

David Fenton

David Comper

Elliott Fairs

Aaron Goddard

Joel Curran

Paul Milner

Mark Robertson

Reeves Rangers Seniors would be the Manics challengers and both teams had everything to play for in the opening game this season.

The game began open, with both teams having their chances. Midpoint in the first half, there was an outburst from both teams, but the referee was at hand and diffused the sticky moment very well. Shortly after the first goal came, Joel Curran would be the first Manic to score this season and put the Manics ahead. Another goal shortly followed, this time Manics player, Mark Robertson opening his tally for the boys in blue and white.

At the break it was 2-0 to the Manics, and in the second half the Manics went straight to work, scoring in the opening minute. More goals followed throughout the game and the final score ended the game 8-1 to the Manics. Robertson (4), Milner (2), Fairs (1), Curran (1)

Thanks to the fans who came to watch. A great opening game for the Manics this season!!!

The Manics Man of the Match went to newcomer Mark Robertson.

 Final Result: Bracknell Manics 8 Reeves Rangers Seniors 1

 Man of the Match
   "Goals goals goals.. and more goals!"
Mark Robertson  

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