sunday 5th October 2003
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Robinson Hero as Finch Caught Out in Cup

Bracknell Manics fought out a difficult match this week in the first round of the Junior Cup..

James Robinson


Glenn Evans

Tony Hemley

Simon Blay

David Fenton

David Comper

Aaron Goddard

Elliott Fairs

Joel Curran

Mark Robertson

Paul Milner

BENCH: Wilcox, Phillips, Impey

Bracknell Manics went all out this week to defeat Finchampstead B, in the first round of the Junior Cup Trophy.

At the start Manics seemed asleep going 1-0 down after 20 minutes of play. A bad pass from David Fenton was intercepted by the Finch who counter attacked leaving Robinson no chance in goal. The pacy forward got a good angle on Robinson and scored the opening goal hitting the ball into the roof of the net.

The wake up call had immediate effect, and soon after on the 37th minute, Manics earnt their equaliser. After some good pressure, the Manics took their chances, and Glenn Evans pushed upfield. Collecting the ball from David Comper, Evans took a look up before spotting Joel Currants run into the box. Curran collected the lofted pass and scored past the keeper to make the score 1-1 at half time.

The second half was even better fought, but the Finch went a man down after a disagreement from players on both sides on the 60th minute of play. Minutes later David Fenton was subbed and Evans was switched to the left. Lee Wilcox came on in his place. Still finch pushed on for the winner and it meant the game would go to extra time...

Mark Robertson was substituted in the second period of extra time, too injured to carry on, and Luke Phillips came on up front to take over the role.

The game would have to be settled on penalties to decide the outcome of this game.

Manics would start, Aaron Goddard would be the first to take. Aaron went bottom right, but so did the keeper, and suddenly Manics were behind...

Finch stepped up to take the second, but Robinson went the right way too, so the score was still 0-0. Joel Curran next up, who took a great penalty, planting it into the side of the net leaving the keeper no chance; 1-0. Finch's second man stepped up.. and the shot was saved! Robinson was on a buzz. Gary Sarney would be up next and he scored, placing the ball into the bottom left. The Finch didn't miss the next time though, keeping the score close trailing by just one goal. Simon Blay was next up to take, and again, sent the keeper the wrong way making it 3-1. Now, only Robinson had to do the rest, and the pressure was on finch....

Robinson saved the penalty for the third time on goal, and the Manics would be the team to make it to the next round!

Manics are through to the next round! Thanks to the fans for coming the distance to watch.

The Manics Man of the Match went to James Robinson.

 Full Time: Bracknell Manics 1 Finchampstead B 1
 Penalties: Bracknell Manics 3 Finchampstead B 1
 Full Time: Bracknell Manics 4 Finchampstead B 2

 Man of the Match
   "That yard of ale went down a treat!"
James Robinson  

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