sunday 26th October 2003
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Twigg Go The Distance Over Manics

Bracknell Manics had their second round match of the Berks and Buck Cup against the well renowned William Twigg Reserves of Division 1 this weekend...

James Robinson


Glenn Evans

Tony Hemley

David Fenton

Simon Blay

David Comper

Aaron Goddard

Elliott Fairs

Joel Curran

Barry O'Connell

Graham McDonald

BENCH: Impey, Judge, Blackman, Phillips

Bracknell Manics had lot to work on from recent form, and Manics faced further pressure with both their strikers out injured.

It would mean two new forwards would be drafted into the squad, both looking to impress out on pitch.

It was after 10 minutes that the first goal would come, poor Robinson letting the Twigg take the lead after the ball was flapped at falling like a early Christmas present to the Twigg forward to tap home and make the score 1-0.

But the Manics knew that they could come back. And they did just that after only 6 minutes. Elliott Fairs was brought down, and Glenn Evans took the free kick to convert another goal for the Manics.

On the 30th minute, the Manics made it 2-1. This time a cross was dummied by Barry O'Connell and debutant Graham McDonald did well in front of goal, cusioning the ball before beating the Twigg keeper.

At the break, the Manics made no changes, and continued to battle for another goal, but caught on the counter Manics conceded two more goals in the second half, and were very unlucky this game would end to a victory for the Twigg.

Well done to the Manics, who have started to get back to playing football and beginning to find their form..

The Manics Man of the Match went to Glenn Evans.

 Full Time: Bracknell Manics 2 William Twigg Res 3

 Man of the Match
   "Another Contender for goal of the season!"
Glenn Evans  

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