sunday 07th December 2003
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Robinson Clears the Way for Manics

This week the Manics went up against Division Three's Wokingham Wanderers in the Junior Cup. Some key players were missing, giving some other players a shot in the game...

James Robinson


Luke Phillips

Neil Tagg

David Fenton

Simon Blay

David Comper

Gary Sarney

Elliott Fairs

Joel Curran

Mark Robertson

Graham McDonald

BENCH: Judge, O'Connell, Impey

Bracknell Manics had an explosive start to the game, and went about making Wokingham work hard to get the ball for the first 20 minutes of the game. Wanderers did just that chasing the ball down well, but their long ball style of play wasn't enough to settle the game for them.

Manics scored the first after 27 minutes of play, Mark Robertson was welcomed back into the side this week after injury problems and made sure his name was on the score sheet first. Simon Blay's overlap of Joel Curran and then lofted cross was volleyed home by Robertson who made it 1-0.

Ten minutes later and Curran made it 2-0. Pressure was mounting on Wanderers side, Elliott Fairs' square ball was hit into the bottom right hand corner leaving the keeper no chance..

In the second half Wanderers began to find their feet and pushed on, creating some good chances on goal. Nevertheless, Robinson had picked up on last week and was enjoying a great game, making some excellent saves to keep the Manics in the game.

Neil Tagg could continue no more after 15 minutes of the second half, and Brian Judge came on in his place.

Ten minutes after, Manics made a second substitution, Luke Phillips to be replaced by Barry O'Connell to tighten the grip on Wanderers no.9..

The third goal came with a brilliant counter-attack from the Manics. A quick throw out from Robinson sent David Fenton off down the wing. Fenton ran a whole length of the pitch before taking on a defender and beating the keeper to make it 3-0.

Minutes later and Manics fourth goal came, David Comper was assisted by Simon Blay, shooting from far out, hard and low to score his first for the club this season, the keeper was at fault letting the ball slip helplessly underneath him, and into the net.

The final whistle went leaving the score 4-0 to the Manics!

A great performance from the Manics, who advance to the next round to face Dog & Duck!

The Manics Man of the Match went to James Robinson.

 Full Time: Wokingham Wanderers 0 Bracknell Manics 4

 Man of the Match
   "C'mon you Manics!!!"
James Robinson  

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