sunday 14th December 2003
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AFC Have Their Dukes Up Against Manics

Bracknell Manics had a chance of redemption this week against AFC Dukes, currently top of the table...

Paul Milner


Barry O'Connell

Neil Tagg

David Fenton

Simon Blay

David Comper

Gary Sarney

Elliott Fairs

Joel Curran

Mark Robertson

Graham McDonald

BENCH: Robinson, Judge, Phillips, Blackman

Bracknell Manics had an unexpected bad start to this game. From the whistle, Manics had no goalie and Paul Milner was the manager's choice to step up and wear the gloves in goal.

Dukes pushed on hard and with reward to their hard work in the first half, and some bad football played on the account of the Manics, Dukes were up by two goals at the break.

The swap was made at half time to bring off Robertson, who despite playing well, an ongoing injury problem forced him to come off. This brought Milner back out onto pitch alongside McDonald and Robinson into the game in goal.

But Robinson must have still been half asleep as within a minute of play in the second half, Dukes striker had broken through the Manics defence and Robinson was lobbed, caught off his line.

It was a disaster for the Manics, but all was not lost when Paul Milner was brought down in the box just 10 minutes later. Gary Sarney stepped up to take, and as usual, converted it for the Manics in true style, making the score 3-1.

Minutes later and Milner had a chance to make it 3-2 when a through ball came his way. 1-on-1 with the keeper, Milner drilled it hard and low, but the keeper saved the shot, and kept Dukes in the game.

Then further disaster on the 75th minute, when Barry O'Connell made his second slip up in the game to score his first own goal for the club.

If that wasn't enough Elliott Fairs gave away his first penalty in almost 3 season's of football, the team contested against what could have only be seen as a very harsh decision by the referee, but the decision stood. Robinson couldn't save the penalty though, and Dukes made it 5-1.

Neil Tagg's injury problem was looming and with 15 minutes of play left Brian Judge came on to fill his slot.

Another sub was made soon after; Luke Phillips was given a run out to replace O'Connell at right back.

Manics were still pushing on, and soon Fenton was pushed up front too. A corner was awarded on the 85th minute, and Brian Judge scored his first goal for the club in three seasons of football. Simon Blay provided the goal with a well-taken corner delivered to Judge at the back post.

An unfortunate turn of events for the Manics this week, with everything that could have gone wrong, going wrong!

The Manics Man of the Match went to Brian Judge.

 Full Time: Bracknell Manics 2 AFC Dukes 5

 Man of the Match
   "Ave'it! Oh Yes!"
Brian Judge  

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