sunday 18th January 2004
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Frustration As 3 Points Slip Away

Bracknell Manics had a tough game ahead, to play 3rd placed Ascot United this weekend.

James Robinson


Glenn Evans

Brian Judge

David Fenton

Simon Blay

David Comper

Gary Sarney

Elliott Fairs

Joel Curran

Mark Robertson

Graham McDonald

BENCH: Goddard, Phillips, Milner

South Ascot were one man down to start the game, but the side were determined to go out and steal another 3 points from the Manics side.

Manics went 1-0 ahead after the pressure began to build up. On the 30th minute of play, Ascot United cleared the ball to touch. Simon Blay came to take the through, and a Mark Robinson flick on fell to Graham McDonald who, turned his marker and scored in the top right hand corner.

Manics tempo quickened, and the last ten saw Manics coming close on two occassions.

In the second, Ascot United came out fighting and began attacking the back four with their long ball over the top. When a chance finally arrived, and their forward broke free, not offside, and dodging Simon Blays sliding tackle, Acost United's striker ran through to score.

The first change was made soon after as David Comper would come off, Graham McDonald would move to the right, and Paul Milner would come on up front.

Simon Blay was next to be replaced with Aaron Goddard. who would play on the wing and so Joel Curran would take the left back slot.

With ten minutes to play, the Manics went for a final push and all out attack on Ascot United, but the luck was on Ascot United's side this week, when the second Manics goal was disallowed. Manics then hit the crossbar just two minutes later, and then, Ascot United's stand-in player made a great save after from a Joel Curran attempt was drilled from far out. The final whistle ended the game 1-1.

A frustrating game this week! Can the Manics hold onto their No1 slot? Thanks to the fans for coming to support the team again!

The Manics Man of the Match went to Elliott Fairs.

 Full Time: Bracknell Manics 1 Ascot United Res 1

 Man of the Match
   "Chop Chop Manics!"
Elliott Fairs  

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