sunday 22nd February 2004
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Manics show Birch you cant be Slack!

Bracknell Manics had their minds set back on the league today; this week Bracknell Manics took on Birch Wanderers FC..

James Robinson


Glenn Evans

Tony Hemley

Brian Judge

Simon Blay

Graham McDonald

Aaron Goddard   

   Elliott Fairs

Joel Curran

Gary Sarney           

            Mark Robertson  

BENCH: O'Connell, Phillips, Impey, Blackman, Patsalides

It would be the 7th minute of play when Bracknell Manics would take the lead, and make it 1-0. Aaron Goddard’s head flicked on Robinson’s goal kick, and Mark Robertson attacked the goal. Birch's keeper came out to meet Robertson half way, but the cocky forward lobbed the Birch keeper with style.

The next came on the 32nd minute; again another long kick from Robinson found Joel Curran who took the ball past the defender, and placed the ball neatly in the bottom right corner.

Ten minutes into the second half, the first swap was made when Curran could go on no more. Graham McDonald switched to the left, and Barry O'Connell came onto the right wing.

Both teams had their chances, and Robertson missed a chance to make it 3-0, when he was put through on goal by Simon Blay.

Minutes later and Birch got a goal back. Birch's corner was fumbled, and after rebounding off the bar, the Birch put it into the net.

Manics had further chances after McDonald was unlucky not to hit the target with two consecutive shots outside the box.

Birch were frustrated when Manics began to hold the ball up, as what could be mistaken for a scrum was formed with the Manics holding onto the ball around the Birch's corner flag. Soon enough, the Birch's skipper earnt his yellow card after a series of poor challenges.

Bracknell Manics played out the remaining minutes of the game to earn themselves a valuable 3 points.

Well done to the fans who came to watch!

The Manics Man of the Match went to Tony Hemley.

 Full Time: Birch Wanderers 1 Bracknell Manics 2

 Man of the Match
   "Here's to Watford!!"
Tony Hemley  

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