sunday 29th February 2004
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Manics Away Form Continues to Cheer Boss

Bracknell Manics were in full strength this weekend against Syngenta FC.

James Robinson


Glenn Evans

Tony Hemley

Brian Judge

Simon Blay

Graham McDonald

Aaron Goddard   

   Elliott Fairs

Joel Curran

Gary Sarney           

            Mark Robertson  

BENCH: Fenton, O'Connell, Phillips, Impey

Manics went for the early goal this weekend, and after twelve minutes of play, Gary Sarney was the first after a pass from Mark Robertson.

On the 30th minute, Elliott Fairs headed the ball onto Robertson who charged down the Syngenta goalkeeper and scored the second.

In the second half, Manics were struggling to convert. Sarney had played into the second with a slight injury, and was brought off to be replaced by a keen Barry O'Connell, desperate to stamp his mark in the Manics squad.

Ten minutes later, Aaron Goddard scored his third goal of the season from a Joel Curran pass.

More changes were made; David Fenton came on up front to replace Robertson. Soon enough more chances were created; as Fenton went on to set up two more goals, Curran grabbing another goal, and a trademark O'Connell header.

With the score 5-0 and 20 minutes to play, Glenn Evans was pulled off to roars from the crowd, and Luke Phillips played in his place..

Manics created a handful of chances, but couldn’t get past the Syngenta keeper who played well throughout. the game ended, and Syngenta must be thanked for their overall good sportsmanlike attitude in the game.

Thanks to the fans on the magnificent support this weekend!

The Manics Man of the Match went to Simon Blay.

 Full Time: Syngenta 0 Bracknell Manics 5

 Man of the Match
   "Leap Year Buca = Sick on the Sidelines. 3 more games left lads, let's 'ave it"
Simon Blay  

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