sunday 04th April 2004
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Chef's A Beacon Of Hope For BMFC

Bracknell Manics were back to a full strength squad, with selection headaches for the boss - all the Manics had to do was win against Birch Wanderers to secure definite promotion for what can only be described so far as an excellent season for the club...

James Robinson


Glenn Evans

Tony Hemley

Brian Judge

Simon Blay

Graham McDonald

Aaron Goddard   

   Elliott Fairs

Joel Curran

Gary Sarney           

            Mark Robertson  

BENCH: O'Connell, Fenton, Comper, Blackman, Phillips

Birch went all out in the first 5 minutes of the game, with their usual style of long balls and dangerous throws, not to mention a couple of badly timed challenges as well. But Bracknell Manics knocked all this on the head and carried on playing their own game, knocking the ball around well, accompanied with a lot of good hard work too.

It wasn't long before Manics took the lead against Birch, and after 8 minutes of play, Mark Robertson scored to make it 1-0 Manics after an excellent through-ball from Joel Curran. Manics dominated the next 20 minutes of the game, but found themselves under pressure when Birch equalised from a corner.

In the second half, Manics took the lead when Glenn Evans converted a 'beautiful' free kick to make it 2-1. Both teams made subs due to injury, but all this did was give the Manics on the bench some fuel to feed their hunger. David Fenton was first to come on, back from injury he would replace Tony Hemley.

Then soon after Manics made their second, David Comper would replace Graham McDonald in a straight swap. Then towards the end, Barry O'Connell came on for Aaron Goddard, who switched with Mark Robertson. O'Connell had a superb chance to make it 3-1 after doing all the hard work, but was unlucky to slot it past the keeper. For the remainder of the game Manics showed they could tough it out for the 3 points, tactically holding the ball up in the corner to further frustrate the Birch.

Great support at the sidelines this weekend, thanks for coming to watch!

The Manics Man of the Match went to Glenn Evans.

 Full Time: Bracknell Manics 2 Birch Wanderers 1

 Man of the Match
   "C'mon boys just the Dog & Duck to f*$k up now!!!"
Glenn Evans  

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