Tuesday 20th April 2004
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Puppies Bottle-Fed A Fair Dose Of Manic's Medicine

Bracknell Manics went all out this weekend for the championship decider against their rivals Dog & Duck Embrook.

James Robinson


Glenn Evans

Tony Hemley

Brian Judge

Simon Blay

David Comper

Elliott Fairs

Aaron Goddard

Joel Curran

Barry O'Connell

Mark Robertson

Bench: Sarney, Phillips, Blackman, McDonald

From the start, Manics found themselves on their back foot, struggling to get the ball to their forwards when in possession, and passes going astray. Manics had already ben given a wake-up call after 5 minutes as a dangerous Dog & Duck play followed.

For the first 10 minutes, Manics were struggling to get a hold of the ball as Dog & Ducks midfield powered through. The back line remained strong though, cutting out through-balls and challenging hard for the ball.

After soaking up the early pressure, Manics began to counter-attack down the left and through the middle. Barry O'Connell, Manics secret weapon was first to strike on target, but was inches offside to have his goal ruled off on the 20th minute of play.

Spurred on though, Manics kept on going, and just before the end of the half O'Connell made his mark, evading his unfortunate defender and breaking through on goal to score the opener.

In the second, the Dog came out fighting, just as expected, Aaron Goddard came off due to injury only to be replaced by Gary Sarney, exchanging captain's armbands, and roles on the field.

Soon after, Manics scored the second to give them a bigger lead. This time Mark Robertson found space after a through ball from Simon Blay.

Manics weren't about to slack, and for a moment the Dog and Duck looked they could get back into the game after Austin struck the bar with a good header. Then again Dog & Duck created another chance in front of goal only for it to be saved by Robinson for the Manics.

Manics made their next substitution when David Comper could continue no more; Graham McDonald filled his slot and within minutes of being on created another goal.

A long ball forward, and across goal was met by McDonald at the back post, Dog & Ducks keeper saved but O'Connell had placed himself well in front of goal to pick up the loose ball and hit it home to make it 3-0.

Manics final sub, Luke Phillips came on with only five minutes remaining, but Manic's hard work had already paid off, with a chant of 3-0 to the champions sung by supporters to the Manics on field., and the game ending 3-0 to the Manics.

Thanks to all the supporters this week - Fantastic at the sideline's, was good to see you at the pub after!!!

The Manics Man of the Match went to Brian Judge.

 Final Result: Bracknell Manics 3 Dog & Duck 0

 Man of the Match
   "C'mon the dog & duck, who's got the bottle now!"
Brian Judge  

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