Sunday 12th September 2004
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Hemley inspires Manics as BMFC look better than ever

It was back down to business this weekend. Manics took on the best of last season's division one teams, Bracknell Rovers who were still left in Divison One this year.

James Robinson


Simon Blay

Barry O'Connell

Tony Hemley

Joel Curran

Gareth Jones

Gary Sarney

Aaron Goddard

David Comper

Graham McDonald

Mark Robertson

Bench: Blackman, Judge, Wilson

It was a close game from the start, both teams testing options on the field, playing it around well.

Manics had the first clear-cut chance on goal, Mark Robertson 1-1 with the keeper, but Rovers keeper did well saving the shot on goal. But the Manics carried on fighting, and soon enough the first goal came on the 18th minute of play.

An amazing Simon Blay free kick from way outside the box was put past the diving keeper, and could well be one of the first nominees for goal of the season. Graham McDonald was next to come close when he found himself in a good position to score. Unluckily for McDonald, his first shot hit the crossbar, and his second flew well over.

By the end of the first half Manics knew they needed another goal, as Rovers were sneaking back into the game and creating some good chances in front of goal, James Robinson though keeping the Manics ahead with some great saves.

But in the second, Manics felt a sigh of relief when debutant Gareth Jones put the Manics 2-up on the Rovers on the 62nd minute. Gary Sarney played the ball from a free kick into Jone's path, who on the half volley hammered it home.

Next up to score would be Graham McDonald, after a sweet back-heel from Mark Robertson. McDonald showed great composure in front of goal, placing it into the top right corner of the net.

Manic made the first substitution, James Blackman came on in a straight swap for David Comper. Then 5 minutes later, Brian Judge and Chris Wilson came on for Mark Robertson and Gareth Jones.

With 5 minutes left on the clock, Manics made it four after a brilliant piece of closing down from Barry O'Connell. After winning the ball, O'Connell squared the ball into McDonalds path who thumped the ball into the net.

Good to see some new fans on the sideline this week!

The Manics Man of the Match went to Tony Hemley.

 Final Result: Bracknell Rovers 0 Bracknell Manics 4

 Man of the Match
   "Business as usual -
Tony Hemley  

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