Sunday 31st October 2004
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Bracknell Manics Show They Have Bouncebackablility

James Robinson


Elliott Fairs

Mark Gates

Brian Judge

Joel Curran

Gareth Jones

Gary Sarney

Aaron Goddard

David Comper

Barry O'Connell

Mark Robertson

Bench: Blay, McDonald, Dennaford, Phillips, Blackman

Bracknell Manics showed they had 'bouncebackability' this weekend with a fantastic win over AFC Dukes. After Losing twice already to the Dukes last season, Manics had everything to prove this weekend after two straight losses as well in previous weeks.

Bracknell Manics had to come back twice in this tough game, before taking the lead in the 2nd half to win the game 3-2.

Manics made it 1-1 after a good piece of football from the midfield gave Barry O'Connell a chance to put a square ball to Mark Robertson to score.

Gareth Jones did the hard work to make it 2-2 to send Barry O'Connell on a run and David Comper scored his first of the season for the club.

Then O'Connell took the Manics ahead to make it 3-2 fifteen minutes into the second half after another individual run, Mark Robertson doing the work.

Manics made a series of subs; Jones would be replaced with McDonald, and Robertson, 10 minutes later for Robertson.

Aaron Goddard would also need to be subbed, 5 minutes into the end after a clash of heads. Manics aided AFC Dukes, and sportmanship showed all round on the field for the match. Bracknell Manics wish AFC Dukes player the best of luck with his injury, and wish a speedy recovery.

Thanks to the fans who came to watch the game!

The Manics Man of the Match went to Aaron Goddard.

 Final Result: Bracknell Manics 3 AFC Dukes 2

 Man of the Match
   "Well deserved win go on you Manics"
Aaron Goddard  

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