Sunday 12th December 2004
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Manics Out Of Steam As DC Steal The Glory

Andy Impey


Elliott Fairs

Simon Blay

Mark Gates

James Blackman

Gareth Jones

Gary Sarney

Aaron Goddard

David Comper

Mark Robertson

John Hayward

Bench: Dennaford, Robinson, Curran, Patsalides

This weekend saw the Manics play the well-established Reading side, DC Steamers; who having been on the football scene for nearly twenty years now, BMFC knew it would be a tough match-up. Manics were missing Hemley and O'Connell from the line-up in this weekends game.

In the first 5 minutes, BMFC nearly went 1-0 up when Aaron Goddard came close, his header hitting the post, and re-bounding out again for an early clearance.

DC Steamers would fight back though, with a series of long balls and and some good passing play down the wings. Manics were fairly organised at the back though, handling the pressure well, whilst the midfield worked hard to release Gareth Jones and David Comper down the wings for dangerous counter attacks.

On one particular occasion, Comper dribbled the ball through DC's defence before cutting inside to shoot just over the bar.

But it would be DC Steamers who would be first to score - a goal keeper/defender mix-up of communication meant neither Manics would clear up the long ball, leaving DC's danger man to steal the ball and score the opener. What followed was an embarrassing moment for the Manics side, as Impey and Gates blamed each other for the mishap. Elliott Fairs and Aaron Goddard tore the pair apart (as usual), but there would be seconds at half time where the team would see it all again at the sidelines.

Leaving a sour taste in the mouth after a decent first half, a disheartened side took to the field in the second half. Manics made one change 5 minutes in, John Hayward could continue no more with a pulled muscle, and Steve Dennaford once again came on to show his worth up front. Manics equalised minutes later after Mark Robertson broke through to score.

Andy Impey's old injury also came back to haunt him, holding his shoulder, Manics regular keeper, James Robinson anxiously swapped with Impey after arriving late to the match.

Luck went DC Steamers way, as they went further ahead, first some nice passing play down the left, and followed by a penalty to make it 3-1. DC went on to score again to extend their lead and make it 4-1.

Manics could only grab a consolation goal for their determination to make it look respectable when Joel Curran crossed the ball to Gareth Jones to score the final goal with only 10 minutes remaining. By now it was all too late, and Manics lost their Berks & Bucks Second round match 4-2.

Thanks to the fans who came to watch the game!

The Manics Man of the Match went to David Comper & the Referee's Man of the Match went to Mark Robertson.

 Final Result: Bracknell Manics 2 DC Steamers 4

 Man of the Match
   "Cheers Aswad"
David Comper  

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