Sunday 23rd January 2005
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Woodsman Leads Manics to Another 3 Points

James Robinson


Simon Blay

Tony Hemley

Mark Gates

James Blackman

David Comper

Aaron Goddard

Elliott Fairs

Joel Curran

Mark Robertson

Barry O'Connell

Bench: Roake, Dennaford, Patsalides, Sarney

Bracknell Manics had to put the hard work in again this weekend as they were faced with a highly spirited and determined Downshire side, ex-manics Allen Tyrell and Neil Tagg now in charge of Downshire Arms outfit.

Manics couldn't seem to get control of the game for at least 20 minutes, the final ball was lacking and opposition players closed down players fast. There were chances had by both sides, and soon enough Downshire's pacy right winger found space to beat Robinson in goal to make it 1-0 to Downshire Arms.

Manics stepped up the work rate thereafter; David Comper and Joel Curran swapped wings, but apart from an ambitious left foot effort from Simon Blay which struck the bar from long range, it has to be said that the Manics were struggling to get a hold of the game.

Half time was simple; all the players knew what was wrong, so the second half was a different Manics side.

The Manics created more chances, and the game levelled out, with Downshire's long ball being swept up at every attempt by the Manics back four. A change was made after 10 minutes, and Tim Roake would make his second appearance out on pitch. James Blackman would come off and Joel Curran switched to left back for Roake to fill the slot on the right.

5 minutes later and
Tim Roake scored to take the Manics level. A corner was won at the Downshire end, and Joel Curran stepped up to take, a goal mouth scramble and the ball fell nicely to Roake for him to put away making it 1-1.

2 minutes later and Manics took the lead. Fired up, Mark Robertson passed to
Elliott Fairs who took the ball on his chest and at point blank, hammered it towards the Downshire goal. Taking a deflection of the keepers thigh, the ball bounced sweetly over the line to make it 2-1.

Downshire seemed like they were running out of steam, but still tried a long ball. On one occassion, Joel Curran made a clearance of the line to keep the Manics ahead.

10 minutes later and Mark Robertson tried his luck after claims for a penalty, but the referee was in good view to wave play on.

Minutes later, Simon Blay played a beautiful ball through to
David Comper to cut inside, run onto and score on the 69th minute of play to make it 3-1.

A final substitution came with 10 minutes remaining. Steve Dennaford came on to replace Barry O'Connell up front.

Minutes later and Dennaford beat his marker for pace down the right wing and shot on goal hitting the crossbar from far out.

There was time for another goal though, Dennaford was hacked down in the box and this time there was no doubt a penalty would be awarded.
Mark Robertson's first attempt was rather badly chipped over the bar, but when the referee decided it would have to be taken again Robertson wasted no time in taking the Manics ahead 4 goals to 1.

Thanks for the support at the sideline this weekend!

The Manics Man of the Match went to Elliott Fairs & the Referee's Man of the Match went to... Mark Gates!

 Final Result: Downshire Arms 1 Bracknell Manics 4

 Man of the Match
   "Three more points manics. Let not lose the title now!"
Elliott Fairs  

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