Sunday 13th February 2005
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Dog & Partridge Stalemate with Gates of Hell

James Robinson


Tim Roake

Simon Blay

Mark Gates

Joel Curran

Gareth Jones

Aaron Goddard

Elliott Fairs

David Comper

Gary Sarney

Barry O'Connell

Bench: Evans, Robertson, Rain

It would be a tough game for Bracknell Manics this weekend, up against Dog & Partridge, opposition they would meet for the fifth and final time this season.

Dog & Partridge piled on the pressure from the start, Manics struggled to get into the game, and found themselves under a great deal of pressure as Partridge played the ball upfield. Manics were lucky on two occassions, but when Dog & Partridge won a corner at the Manics end, their right winger curled it into the net from the corner flag.

Frustration grew in the Manics side, Barry O'Connell was booked for discent of word of mouth to the referee on the 30th minute of play.

Chances were still being had, an excellent save from D&P's keeper stopped Simon Blay's free kick, and David Comper needed only touch the ball from a Jones cross to draw level, but for a great line clearance from the Dog & Partridge defender.

In the second half Manics worked overtime to try to get back into the game. Changes were made, the first would be Gareth Jones. Glenn Evans made another appearance out on pitch to play right back, and Tim Roake was pushed up to right wing. Minutes later and a further change was made - this time Gary Sarney was replaced by Mark Robertson.

Minutes later and Robertson came close with a half volley from just inside the box which whistled just over the bar. With this, Manics made their final substitution, and Matt Rain came on to make his first appearance for the club. It would be Tim Roakes turn to make an exit, and Elliott Fairs moved over to the right wing, with Rain filling the gap in the center of the park.

Still Manics pushed and with 15 minutes remaining, the final goal came. Manics finally broke the D&P defence, a series of quick passes and a square ball from Rain was met by
Barry O'Connell to hit home and make it 1-1.

With 2 minutes remaining on the clock, Dog & Partridge had one of the best chances in the game, when their young forward beat Manics offside trap to break through and attack the Manics goal. Fortunatley for the Manics his shot hit the post and the ball went out for a goal kick. Soon after the whistle was blown to end the match with a 1-1 draw.

Thanks to the fans for coming to watch the match!

The Manics Man of the Match went to Mark Gates & the Referee's Man of the Match went to Elliott Fairs.

 Final Result: Dog & Partridge 1 Bracknell Manics 1

 Man of the Match
   "Goddard..! I can't hear you!!!"
Mark Gates  

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