back to news section  06th December 2004

2004-2005 Manics Xmas Do!

After Bracknell Manics FC's win over AFC Dukes, the club went on to terrorise the public houses in Wokingham, for their all day celebrations at their annual xmas do!

The lads settle in for their first taste of Wokingham in the old sports bar Molly Millars.
Left to right: Lee Wilcox, Gareth Jones, Gary Sarney, David Comper, Joel Curran, Brian Judge, Nikos Patsalides, Barry O'Connell, Simon Blay, John Hayward, David Fenton.

Pints going down well... Simon Blay (left) enjoys a friendly beer with Paul Miller (centre) and Gary Sarney (right).

It doesnt matter where you go - there's always someone ruining a good group shot. Left to right: Joel Curran, Brian Judge, David Comper, Lee Wilcox, and John Hayward.

Food stop - Joel Curran (left) and Gareth Jones (right) in need of food, fuel up ready for a few 'sticky bucas'

Spot the drunk one - Left to right: Gareth Jones, Andy Impey, Nikos Patsalides, and Mark Gates.

Lads in high spirits - Left to right: James Robinson, Brian Judge, Mark Gates, Barry O'Connell, Andy Impey, Gareth Jones.

An excellent night out by all, but we didnt make it to the Dog and Duck, maybe next year lads...

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