back to news section  Wednesday 01st June 2005

Bracknell Manics Reserves???

Bracknell Manics announced today that they would be considering a second side for their 2005-2006 season. This sparks immediate interest with some old favourites at BMFC, Nikos Patsalides commented:

"We have a great squad here at Bracknell Manics, outstanding players, but most important of all we're all good friends. It would be a shame to see some old faces leave the club, so the reserves side is ideal to keep the lads together not to mention a birthday nearly every weekend!"

Its expected that James Blackman will be the reserves manager, with Brian Judge as the teams captain and assistant manager, whilst Nikos Patsalides remains manager for the 1st team and secretary & treasurer for both sides!

Bracknell Manics are still searching for players, if you're interested email:

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