back to news section  18th June 2005

Manics Presentation Night 2004/2005

Bracknell Manics FC players had a excellent evening on Saturday 18th June 2004 when they were invited to the Bracknell & District Sunday Football League's Annual Presentation Evening as Winners of Division One. Surrounded by the winners & runners-up of each division, they enjoyed a 3 course meal, complimentary drink, some great comedy and finally a disco, as well as lifting the Division One Cup!

The couples table: Manics & Manic spouses enjoy the start to the evening with a 3 course meal!

Silverware : 2004-2005's winning team pose for the camera.

The taste of victory: Simon Blay (left), Gary Sarney (middle) and Tony Hemley (right) enjoy a drink from the Division One Cup.

Tastes Good : Aaron Goddard drinks from the cup at the after party at the Golden Farmer surrounded by fellow team-mates, hang in there Jimbo - you can make it.

Who's that team they call the Manics: Manics (left to right) Chris Wilson, Barry O'Connell, Brian Judge, Simon Blay, and Nikos Patsalides take the to the stage

We are the Champions: Manics choir are still knocking back the beers!

One last photo: Bracknell Manics are still just about standing towards the end of the night to pse for a final team photo.


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