sunday 21st August 2005
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Friendly vs FC Boca Bracknell - Result: Won 5-0

After last weeks surprising victory, Bracknell Manics looked forward to their next friendly against FC Boca Bracknell.

From the start, and for the first 10 minutes, Boca looked in excellent form. Playing the ball nicely to feet and splitting the Manics defense causing a lot of tracking back for Glenn Evans and Ryan Warman on the flanks.

But after soaking up the pressure, Manics made sure their first opportunity didn't go to waste, Paul Milner connecting to a Ryan Warman long ball to make it 1-0.

But Boca returned with a lovely piece of football and a dazzling shot ricocheting off the bar and over to the relief of the Manics.

It would be on the 44th minute when Manics stretched their lead; an awesome overhead kick from Gareth Jones totally fooled the Boca keeper, David Comper supplying the assist.

Again though James Robinson made some good saves from a couple of one-on-one's and any other shots Boca would have were off target.

Fifteen minutes into the second and Manics scored the third. Paul Milner was on target again, after a corner wasn't cleared and Gareth Jones saw him with space.

Manics finally broke down the Boca side 15 minutes later when Gary Sarney connected with a square ball, and Paul Milner grabbed another consecutive hatrick for the third week running with a well timed half volley.

Scorers: Milner (3) Jones (1) Sarney(1).
Assists: Comper (2) Warman (1) Jones (1) Sarney (1).

The Manics Man of the Match went to Paul Milner and the Referee's player of the match both went to Elliott Fairs

A great turnout from our fans this week - see you again soon!

 Final Result: Bracknell Manics 5 FC Boca Bracknell 0

 Man of the Match
   "The Beast is back firing on all cylinders. Its good to be home where I belong the with the number 9 shirt on my back. Bring on 05/06 - we're ready for anyone"
Paul Milner  

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