sunday 2nd October 2005
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Manics Steaming After Wokingham Turn on Heat

Bracknell Manics 1st Team played their second league match of the season this weekend and after two weeks break it was surprising to see some 1st team players missing from the line-up. Barry O'Connell, Gavin Baker, Mark Robertson and Ryan Warman were all missing, for another inconsistent line-up for the second match running.

Manics started the first half well, dominating the first 15 minutes with some good football being played. On the 15th minute, Glenn Evans free kick was saved well by Wokingham's keeper.

The next chance was David Fenton, connecting with James Robinson's long kick, Fenton ran the wing, before shooting just over the bar.

Pinning Wokingham Utd down, 3 minutes later a poor clearance fell to Fenton again who shot from outside the box, and again over the bar.

5 minutes later and the Manics defence was out of sorts, showing for the first time that the game could go either way. Wokingham pressured the ball, their number 8 looking dangerous, but luckily David Fenton was on hand to clear the ball up out of trouble just as it looked like Wokingham Utd would score.

5 minutes after this Manics first half chance fell to Glenn Evans who's first shot was blocked and his second cleared for their sixth corner of the match; but just like the others, it was off target as Manics looked like they would struggle to score an opener with so many opportunities missed.

Just before the break, Wokingham Utd had their best chance so far. Glenn Evans gave away a free kick outside the Manics box. The ball was whipped into the box, and luckily the free header was off target.

In the second half, Manics had a chance early on but Milner shot wide of goal. Just ten minutes later, Wokingham Utd took the lead when their midfield split the Manics defence and in a 1-on-1 with Robinson placed the ball into the back of the net.

Frustration was beginning to show on the Manics side, Glenn Evans was first to be booked after a strong challenge, winning the ball, but taking the player in the process.

Next a Wokingham Utd supporter was sent away from the pitch; his unsportsmanlike conduct was not welcomed and the referee was on hand to tell him to leave play.

Manics made their first substitution, with Elliott Fairs coming off the bench. Joel Curran came off, Gary Sarney switched to the right wing, David Comper to the left.

With 20 minutes to go, Manics had another chance to equalise. The ball floated into the box, Paul Milner headed off the bar, and when the ball came out again, Milner was took a kick in the back of the head. Protesting the penalty directly towards the referee, having already received an earlier warning as well, the referee immediately sent Paul Milner off the pitch.

With just 15 minutes remaining of the match, Manics pushed the extra players on, but could not muster an equaliser.

Scorers: None.
Assists: None.

The Manics Man of the Match went to Gareth Jones and the Referee's player of the match went to David Fenton.

Thanks to the fans who came to watch the game!

 Final Result: Wokingham Utd 2 Bracknell Manics 0

 Man of the Match
   "Cant believe we lost that game - next one is a must win!"
Gareth Jones  

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