sunday 20th November 2005
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5 Years Waiting, Manics Live to Tell the Twigg Tale

Bracknell Manics had their toughest match up after 5 years in the Sunday League this weekend, William Twigg Albion. Missing recent starter Gavin Baker, Simon Blay earned his place in the starting eleven for this weeks game.

The first half was well fought by both sides. Manics weren’t playing the best football, but their work-rate was second to none, Manics knew they had to be first and second to every ball all over the park, and expected to take the odd elbow, punch, kick and trip.

Challenges were hard, but WTA relentlessly pressured the ball. Manics were lucky on four occasions in the first half, with one athletic save from James Robinson, one clearance off the line from Glenn Evans and the remainder of Twigg’s shots off target.

But Manics did have the odd chance as well. Ryan Warman pushed on with a dazzling run, and struck the post only for the follow up shot to fly over the bar, and minutes later, Mark Robertson should have shot on the edge of the box, instead passing, with the final ball running out of play.

In the second, a battered & bruised Manics side came back out on pitch to complete one of their best performances in the history of the club.

The back four held strong, whilst the midfield with Mark Robertson’s help battled to keep hold of the ball, and play it long for O’Connell to run onto. On the 60th minute, Ryan Warman could continue no more, and Gary Sarney came on to replace the injured player in a straight swap.

Manics upped the pressure again, and when Gary Sarney’s overhead kick was saved it looked like Manics would take the lead due to their hard work.

Disaster though with 15 minutes remaining as Robinson brought down the Twigg forward in the box and a penalty was awarded. A fine save from Robinson kept the Manics in the game. Minutes later Robinson made another fine save, tipping the ball onto the post to keep the Manics level still to the frustration of the Twigg side.

Both sides challenged the ball, with equal determination to win, as 50-50 challenge after 50-50 challenge followed between the sides. The Twigg goal keeper would be next to be substituted in a 50-50 challenge with a Manics player, coming off worse.

Then in the dying seconds of the game O’Connell had an opportunity of a lifetime to take make it 1-0 with an open goal situation. The substitute keeper had been caught, leaving an open goal, and luckily for the Twigg, O’Connell struck the ball on his left foot just inches over the bar.

Later in the evening, Manics received a call from WTA to find that the Twigg keeper had broken his leg in two places. Manics would like to offer their best wishes to the Keeper and the William Twigg and hope for a speedy recovery.

Scorers: None.
Assists: None.

The Manics Man of the Match went to James Robinson and the Referee's player of the match went to David Fenton.

Overall a great physical game of football to watch by the fans, we had a lot of comments about the game from those of you who watched, we look forward to your support in our next match, thanks for spurring the team on!

 Final Result: William Twigg Albion 0 Bracknell Manics 0

 Man of the Match
   "Bring on the Twigg"
James Robinson  

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