sunday 4th December 2005
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Clowse Is Spot-On To Thwart FC Priestwood

With many games called off in Bracknell due to the weather, Manics Reserves were fortunate to be playing in Wokingham away to title rivals FC Priestwood. Manics Reserves were in confident mood and determined to play their best against Priestwood after losing to them in the cup earlier in the season.

Manics Reserves started brightly and showed Priestwood how much they had improved since the last match up. The game itself didn't open many chances, but the Manics did look likely to score from a Joel Curran corner, Ben Westwood unfortunate not to score with the first skimming over his head. Priestwood rose to the pressure and nearly scored through an effort from outside the box that goalkeeper Chris Adams did amazingly well to save pushing around the post.

Minutes later Manics had their first goal disallowed, Curran’s corner went straight in, but the Ref ruled the goal out due to apparent pushing in the area by Harry Clowse. Soon the Priestwood goalkeeper was to come off after pulling a thigh muscle after kicking a clearance and FC Priestwood replaced their injured goalie.

The first goal was to come after half an hour, Manics applying pressure and crossing in for the Priestwood defence to clear, the ball fell to Alan Matthias who struck the ball goal bound. Whether or not the goal stood is debatable; as the ball went in, the Priestwood keeper was still on the floor clutching his hip. Priestwood players protested to the referee for not blowing his whistle before the goal, due to a head injury.

This forced a second change for the Priestwood goalie. Manics and Priestwood players were in disarray at the events but understood the goal was to be given as play didn't stop. Some Priestwood players and their manager were displeased, causing the Priestwood boys to step up a gear to get back into the match.

After half-time, an even match continued with both sides strong in the tackle and both defences being tight. Ex-Manic and now FC Priestwood midfielder, Mike Keys, enjoyed a great battle in the middle of the park with this seasons Manics newcomer Ben Westwood.

After 65 minutes, Barry Herman was to come on for Lee Blackman for a straight swap up-front. Minutes later, Herman was to be involved in a challenge with the ball falling for David Comper to shoot and scoring on his second effort after the first shot was blocked to make it 2-0 to the Manics Reserves.

Ten minutes later Harry Clowse made it 3-0 scoring direct from a free-kick, a certain contender for goal of the season. The third Priestwood keeper, a hapless Matt Watkins, had no chance.

Steve Dennaford came for Chris Wilson and soon had a chance after a cross from the right. Unfortunately though, Dennaford failed to connect with the ball, after the keeper flapped at the cross.

At 3-0, Manics knew the game was won and was determined to finish the game with a clean-sheet. With blocked challenges and strong clearances, the defence got what they wanted and deserved.

Scorers: Mathias (1) Clowse (1) Comper (1).
Assists: None.

The Manics Man of the Match went to Brian Judge and the Referee's Player of the Match went to Joel Curran.

Thanks to the fans who came to watch!

 Final Result: FC Priestwood 0 Bracknell Manics 3

 Man of the Match
   "News is drunk Saturday!"
Brian Judge  

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