Sunday 30th April 2006
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Dress Rehearsal Goes To Plan - Manics Are Looking Good

Bracknell Manics extinguished the title aspirations of Saracen by holding them to a draw in a dress rehearsal of this Fridays Senior Cup final. Saracen had the lead twice but failed to hold it so it is a runners up medal for them. Glen Holden got the second for Saracen and Barry O'Connell (pen) and Gareth Evans found the net for Manics.

Scorers: O'Connell (1) (PEN) Ga. Evans (1).
Assists: O'Connell (1) Sarney (1).

The Manics Man of the Match went to Gary Sarney and the Referee's player of the match went to Mark Gates.

Thanks to the fans who came to watch.

 Final Result: Bracknell Manics 2 Saracens 2

 Man of the Match
   "Doesn't mean nothing unless we win Friday"
Gary Sarney  

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