Sunday 07th May 2006
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Patsoe Injury Blow

Nikos Patsalides received bad news about an injury picked up playing merely 6aside football in recent weeks.

His old groin injury had been slowly coming back to haunt the player over a series of weeks towards the end of the season. Continuing to play, and then playing in the evenings, soon there would be trouble.

Patsalides overstretched, and to fans at the sidelines did the splits, before shrieking and then laying on the floor without movement.

After a consultation, Patsalides later learnt he had ruptured his groin in two places; first torn against the hamstring and worst of all tearing it away from the bone.

It could mean beloved Patsalides will need an operation and give up football altogether, but fingers are crossed in the manic camp that he will once again put on his boots for the 2006-07 season.

   "Torn, weak. Knew it would come back to haunt me..."
Nikos Patsalides  

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