Tuesday 08th June 2006
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Chef Victorious in Manics Pool Tourney Final!

After five months of waiting the Manics pool tournament came to an end! There were some big name's touting themselves for the tournament, a few of which were Jimmy ping, Brian Judge, Sol Weasel and even Jimbo, but surprisingly they were knocked out in the early stages. There were other players who also touted themselves on the table of balls, but they came unstuck to the eventual finalists Gate's and Chef.

The final was played at the Bridge public house, known well for its well kept pool tables, the final itself was to be ajudicated by the big south african Jason Graff, decided by the best of seven games.

Gates won the toss and broke in the first. It was a very tight game and some easy shots were missed by both players. You could definately see there were some nerves, but Chef went on to clear up taking the first game.

The second game was a different affair, Chef broke and Gates came to the table confidently potting most of his balls, but one mistake and the Chef was let in. Chef potted all his balls just leaving the black, but Chef missed and Gate's was back in he potted his last colour and was left with a fairly easy black. Sadly Gates rattled it and left it over the pocket for the chef to take the second game.

That game did nothing for Gate's confidence but wonders for Chef's! He took command of the third game and won it convincingly taking it to 3-0.

The fourth game and Gate's had to win this game and the rest to win the tournament. Gates broke potting nothing, Chef came to the table potted, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of his balls just leaving the black, the possible seven ball was on, and Chef went for a long double, but missed leaving the black hanging over the middle pocket, all gates had to do now was clear up.

Gates started off well and looked like he had regained some confidence, but it wasn't to be, once again Gates rattled a game winning shot and left a very easy black for Chef. Gates knew it was an off day and put the black ball down himself, crowning Chef the Manics 2006 pool tournament champion.

Commiserations to Gates congratulations to Chef!

Next year could be an interesting year in the pool tournament, with the likes of twice tournament winner Fish coming back and also the likes of one certain known Loverat and maybe even the return of the Giblet, who knows you'll just have to wait and see or better still take part!!!

 Manics Pool Tourney Champion - Chef!
   "It was a good day for me, congrats to Gates on the arrival of his beautiful baby boy, well done mate!"
Glenn Evans  

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