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Sunday 17th September 2006

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Priestwood rock on and Manics left fuming

Bracknell Manics Reserves love to play football, but they love to argue even more. And argue they did this weekend against FC Priestwood. Stand in referee, and FC Priestwood's Manager Phil Cooper, took more abuse in the 90 minutes than the punch bag normally gets in the week or two down at South Hill Park's Fair.

FC Priestwood were first to go 1-0 ahead. The scorer? None other than ex-manic Barry O'Connell. All credit due, O'Connell kept his celebrations to a minimum despite a flurry of sky blue shirts jumping around like they'd won the league. The fans and supporters booed O'Connell, but still the Chelsea man maintained his dignity to his old side.

All was not lost, despite more pressure in the second half, first Ben Westwood made a save off the line to keep the Manics in with a chance.

But what started out as a well matched game and excellent second half, suddenly turned to disaster when FC Priestwood scored the second goal. First of all claims to a dubious offside, and secondly the ball supposedly out of play when the through ball was played. The referee lost control, squaring up to Manics players, bad language followed from both sides, and O'Connell even raised his hands to Westwood.

The red mist soon settled though, but apart from Henry Abrahamian's rocket like half volley, continual moaning and his booking for entertainment, the match was otherwise a little uninteresting to watch as Manics couldn't seem to create or put away any chances on goal.

All credit to both sides though, both of which battled tirelessly to the end. It promises to be a great match up in the home leg for Manics Reserves (If they can keep their cool).

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The Manics Man of the Match went to Harry Clowse and the Referee's player of the match went to Lee Blackman.

Thanks to the fans who came to watch the game!

 Final Result: FC Priestwood 2 Bracknell Manics Res 0

 Man of the Match
   "gettin man of the match is an honour"
Harry Clowse  

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