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Sunday 21st January 2007

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Green Man Ward Off Manic Challenge

James Robinson


Simon Blay

Jason Graaff

Mark Gates (C)

Joel Curran

Gareth Evans

Adam Barnard

Aaron Goddard

Ryan Warman

Gavin Baker

Barry O'Connell

Bench: Darren Barton, Chris Mitchell, Brian Judge, Jason Worthy

Bracknell Manics again found themselves the unlucky victims of a league defeat at home this Sunday. This news was compounded by knee injuries to centre backs Mark Gates and Jason Graaff, the former being hospitalised via air ambulance.

Dr Patsalides Prescribes New Formula

Boss Nikos Patsalides was buoyed by the return of Jason Graaff and Joel Curran to his ranks as he selected Ryan Warman on the left of midfield and Gavin Baker in the slot behind the striker normally filled by the absent Mark Robertson and Simon Blay shuffled to right back.


And the Manics began brightly, using the wind to their advantage. In fact, the Green Man seemed uncomfortable with the Manics spritely wing play, Gareth Evans in particular causing their left back a few headaches. However, it was not the Manics who grabbed the early goal.


Against the run of play, a clever run snared the Manic offside trap as the ball was eventually squared by McClurg to Russell who had the simple task of tapping home. 1-0 Green Man. However, the boys in blue bounced back with great fighting spirit, Adam Barnard and Aaron Goddard doing a good job of stifling the McClurg and Russell duo in midfield. Simon Blay was responsible for a couple of charging runs down the right hand side that caused their no 6 to defend far more than he would have liked.


Despite clawing their way back into the game, Manics suffered a terrible setback in the 22nd minute. Only a short comeback South African Jason Graaff, who had been having an assured game at the back, suffered a recurrence of his knee injury, causing his premature withdrawal. Patsalides reshuffled his pack, placing Darren Barton up front with Barry O'Connell and pulling the tall man Gavin Baker into the back line alongside Mark Gates.

NHS Direct

This change made Manics play a little more direct as Barton made his presence felt against big man Kettle. They carved the league leaders open more than once, but either their final ball was lacking or they failed to pull the trigger. Goddard struck the bar with his weaker left foot, but the Manics still had to guard against the counter attack as the Green Man were not afraid to use their pace down the wings and up front.


Half-time came and the players knew what needed to be done to get back in this game. Get on McClurg, the danger man that sliced them open with his only telling contribution of the half, was the cry.


Those words were still ringing in the air when disaster struck early in the 2nd half. Manics should have realised that their concentration would be tested after an aborted kick off, but they had several lapses in the space of 30 early 2nd half seconds. Curran, looking to play the ball down the line to Ryan Warman, saw his pass intercepted by a Green Man player. Manics did not react quick enough in midfield and defence, as James Robinson flew out of his goal, leaving the Green Man player enough time and space to knock the ball goalwards, seeing it eventually tapped in by no 9.


Despite now being down by 2 goals and having the wind against them, the Manics showed more teeth and even greater fight. Gates had a free header that went over as the Green Man got muddled in defence on more than one occasion. Still Evans looked the best outlet, but the match was made hard by the strong wind.

First Aid

Then came two injuries, one for either side, that threatened to change the match. Green's winger Brewster, whose pace worried Curran throughout the match, disappeared with a hamstring strain. And Manics lost Mark Gates to a worrying knee injury, his replacement Brian Judge stepping into the breech.


Still the Manics fought on, and at last were rewarded as Gevans drilled home a O'Connell pass to halve the deficit. The Manics were bouyed by this but threw too many into attack. Blay and Curran in particular cut tired looking figures as McClurg rounded Robinson with aplomb to take the game out of Manics' reach.


Another gritty but fruitless display from the Manics men, when will their fortune turn? They have the Twigg in the cup next week, and welcome back Dave Fenton who will replace the unfortunate Gates in defence. It seems there is no respite, but they will battle on like all good Manic sides do...

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The Manics Man of the Match went to Gareth Evans & Adam Barnard, and the Referee's Player of the Match went to Gavin Baker.

Thanks to the fans who came to watch the game!

 Final Result: Bracknell Manics 1 Green Man 3

 Man of the Match

 "Hells Bells!!! We’ve gotta win someday!!
Bring on the Twigg!

Gareth Evans  


 Man of the Match


Adam Barnard  


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