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Sunday 28th January 2007

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Manics lose but at least they like birds

James Robinson


Darren Barton

Simon Blay (+)

David Fenton (C)

Brian Rooney

Jason Worthy

Adam Barnard

Aaron Goddard (+)

Chris Mitchell

Gareth Evans

Gavin Baker

Bench: Lee Wilcox (+)

Another valiant display, but another defeat. The draw for the quarter finals of the Cup could not have been any tougher for the struggling blues, who had yet to notch an 'official' victory all season.


True, the Twigg aren't as strong as they once were, but still have a heap of experience, plenty of physical strength and enough know-how to put teams like the Manics to the sword.

Blue Tits

Due to long term injuries to both Mark Gates and Jason Graaff and the absence of left-back Ryan Warman, the Manics had a completely different back-line once again. Simon Blay and David Fenton slotted in at centre back, Darren Barton played right-back and Brian Rooney made his first start at left back for the club. With a strong wind hurtling towards them in the first half meant the back 4 were to be tested early. It was a test they sadly failed as the Twigg burst through twice in the first half hour to make it 2-0 by half-time. Manics had threatened 3 or 4 times with Gareth Evans in particular a dangerous outlet, but their forrays into the Twigg half were rare and proved fruitless.


The Twigg's 'chirping' kicked into life shortly after the second goal, Fenton, Rooney and linesman Patsalides getting the brunt of the abuse. This proved the Manics, with their never say die attitude and commitment, were rattling the Twigg's cage just slightly.

Barn Owl

The second half saw a galvanised Manics defend tremendously. The back line really got their act together, as did Adam Barnard and Aaron Goddard in the middle of the park, who began to boss Nebbitt and Havermans Jnr. Gavin Baker was inventive with flicks and patient holding the ball up as he looked to play Jason Worthy, Chris Mitchell and Gareth Evans in behind.


However, the Twigg had great pace down the flanks in Sargent and Williams, so Manics needed to keep close guard. They were punished on the hour mark as Twigg made it 3-0 with a goal that sniffed slightly of offside. Manics kept going and in fact looked more comfortable after conceding the third. Again this was testified by some of the physical treatment the Manics were getting. One nipple-high karate kick Blay took in the ribs was particularly notable. The offender was swiftly booked for the challenge.


A flurry of attacks and panic in the Twigg defence finally gave the Manics the goal they deserved. A deep left foot cross from Baker was met at the back post by Worthy who drilled it high into the roof of the net. Despite not threatening themselves in the final 10 minutes, Twigg held firm at the back to hold on to the 3-1 victory.

Tufted Duck

So another defeat and exit from the Cup looks bad for the Manics. But the boys are playing some good football and battling hard, and are all confident that a victory is not far away.

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The Manics Man of the Match went to Simon Blay.

Thanks to the fans who came to watch the game!

 Final Result: William Twigg A 3 Bracknell Manics 1

 Man of the Match

 "Sorry, don't do cheats"

Simon Blay  

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