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Sunday 18th February 2007

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Manor Fenced In By Resurgent Manics

James Robinson


Chris Mitchell

Simon Blay (+)

David Fenton (C)

Ryan Warman

David Comper

Adam Barnard

Aaron Goddard

Gavin Baker

Gareth Evans

Barry O'Connell

Bench: Chris Wilson, Jason Worthy

Bracknell Manics finally got the win their recent performances deserved with a comfortable 3-0 victory over a tough Winkfield/Manor side on Sunday. However, their win was soured by a nasty injury to Gareth Evans who broke his ankle in a challenge midway through the second half. A local resident's fence also needs mending after a clumsy Chris Wilson broke it after climbing it without the owners’ permission.

Balustrades, railings, ramparts and stockades

Manics began with a high tempo, determined to exploit their youth advantage. However in the early stages Manor were equal to everything the Manics threw at them, whilst occasionally threatening themselves. However, the first half an hour was a dour opening; both defences rarely tested seriously. It took a bit of quick thinking from Simon Blay and captain David Fenton at the back to release Ryan Warman who drilled in a perfect left foot cross for Barry O'Connell to sweetly strike home.

Wire mesh fence & a bit of decking

The boys in navy blue then pressed further, David Comper, Evans and O'Connell continuously causing the Manor defenders to work far more than they wanted to. This period of dominance was ended in the most surreal ways ever witnessed at the Birch Hill pitch. With half time fast approaching, a member of the public, an unwilling and reluctant spectator if you will, marched on to the field of play with great purpose. His face, drained entirely of all colour, began a tirade at the referee for reasons unknown to the 22 players
involved in the game. It soon became evident that he was the owner of a fence damaged badly by mischievous substitute Wilson; who with a glint in his eye and all the charm we know he possesses in bundles, swiftly appeased the grumpy intruder, and the players went off for a half time chat. Job half done. But not for Wilson who must now fix the fence he so despicably ruined.

Nikos Palisades

The second half began with the Manics pressing once more. However, they were nervy in front of goal, sticking good chances right down the throat of the gleeful Manor keeper. The nearest they came was not one of the one-on-one's they squandered, but a powerful left foot Fenton free-kick tipped excellently
over the bar by the keeper. On the hour mark the game took a worrying turn for the Manics as speedy forward Evans was challenged deep in the Manor half. It seemed straight away that something was amiss, so Nikos Patsalides wasted no time in getting fence-destroyer Wilson onto the pitch.

All it needs is a fresh coat of paint

The fresh legs up front were exactly what the Manics needed and Manor was at bassets all sorts!! Some superb work on the left gave Gavin Baker time to pick out a pass to Wilson who with all the time and coolness of a stoned Baywatch-era David Hasselhoff administered the ball into the bottom left corner. A post match interview with the Wilson himself, describes his goal and the celebrations that followed in the realisation that the Manics season had begun!

“The ball ended up with Baker on the left. I was lurking on the edge of the area, he knocked a simple pass inside to me, I took a touch and before anyone had time to react gently placed it into the bottom left corner. The keeper was left rooted to the spot and I wheeled away with incredible amounts of glee to the joy of the Bracknell Manics. Everyone got involved in the celebrations! There was a warm embrace in the centre circle between myself and Blay which carried on later in the showers”.

How it should, wood, or could have been

Manics completely dominated this game from start to finish with some very calm defending and passing. However it was still a game that we could have walked away as heavy winners maybe even double figures however not today finishing still seems our biggest problem but this is a good start.

Lets go ornamental

The icing on the cake came when Jason Worthy, on a sub sealed a very satisfying victory over Manor who insisted on chanting “come on lads they haven’t got any points” for the whole game including once 3-0 down. Not far from a carbon copy of Wilson’s goal, good work again down the left found back with a pass to the edge of the box and quick zip zap turn from Worthy and shot in to the top right corner and the parties in Bracknell began as Manics are underway!

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A joint effort - S.Oakbutter & Gevans.

The Manics Man of the Match went to Chris Mitchell and the Referees Man of the Match went to Adam Barnard.

Thanks to the fans who came to watch the game!

 Final Result: Bracknell Manics 3 Manor & Winkfield 0

 Man of the Match

 "at the end of the day i was just YARDS ahead of the competition x "

Chris Mitchell  

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