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Sunday 22nd April 2007

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Defiant Manics Provide a Flicker of Hope For Patsalides

Jason Graaff


Bradley Gibson

Simon Blay (+)

David Fenton (C)

Paul Miller

Cedric Robinson

Kalin Krnummov (+)

Gavin Baker

Brian Rooney

Brent Marais

Joel Curran

Bench: Nikos Patsalides (+)

Wokingham Utd went ahead through from a corner against Bracknell Manics but were made to work for the lead all the way to the break. Manics fielded some resrves but to a man gave 200% and eventually got a goal and a point when Brent Marais scored.



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The Manics Man of the Match went to Bradley Gibson and the Referees Man of the Match went to Joel Curran.

Thanks to the fans who came to watch the game!

 Final Result: Bracknell Manics 1 Wokingham Utd 1

 Man of the Match

 "Go on you Manics!"

Bradley Gibson  

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