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Monday 9th March 2007

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Woe Is Me Woe Is You - More Doom, There Is Nothing We Can Do

There seems to be no end to the doom and disarray that continues to engulf the players at Bracknell Manics FC like a wild & out of control raging forest fire as week after week, more Manics players continue to become the latest victim of a horrifying injury.

Aaron Goddard's recent knock was more serious than first thought, come Monday morning after the game against the Manor, Goddard went to hospital with a 'knock' and came out on crutches and suspected ligament damage.

"I'm holding on by a thread"

Gareth Evans was also injured against the Manor, a second half 50/50 with the Manor keeper resulted in Evans having to leave the pitch. Later the club found out, Evans had earnt himmself a hairline fracture of his ankle and torn ligaments.

"I'll be back"

Gareth jones took a nasty knock against Wokingham FC very early in the season, and since hasnt had a sniff of a football... Saying that Jones was at training recently, hopefully Jones will don a Manics shirt before the season is out - but we said that about Piercey too years ago - Has anyone seen Piercey by the way???

"Looking good for a return soon"

Glenn Evans' ongoing injury troubles continue to haunt the man/chef. Groin, knee, throw in a bit of ankle for fun why not.

"Weak tout"

Jason Graaff may have hung his boots up for good - a friendly for a saturday side left poor Jason Graaff with a serious knee injury with ligament damage. In a recent match, Graaff's heroics paid him no dues, and within minutes of the game, he had to be helped off the pitch.

"Awful, truly awful"

Kalin Krrumov failed to get out of the blocks. A niggling groin injury has stopped him so far even making an appearance for the club this season.

"In Bulgaria, I would even fight bear to play"

Not so smiley Lee Wilcox. That old groin injury back to haunt this prestigious player. An on-off season so far, it seems the talk of the town is that Wilcox could be calling it a day after this season as the groin fails to mend.

"Could be no more touting for me, weak. Loverat - do not sub me"

Mark Gates... poor Mr Gates. Air lifted to hospital, doped up on morphine, the paramedics manually re-adjusted this key players knee pitchside. I'm sure none of us will forget the face of agony mixed with undiluted morphined glee, not to mention the noise of the knee popping back in to place; bone against bone. Crutches, plaster, and a whole lot of pain.

"Does anyone need a job up a roof?"

Nikos Patsalides, even nikos... Another victim of the groin, which has seen Patsalides miss all football all season. Doom set in as the player manager ruptured his groin, tearing it off the bone and again against the hamstring. Lesson: dont go on the lash all day, then play football with a groin strain in the freezing cold without first stretching - you are not invincible

"Keyhole surgery - so squeak"

Simon Blay is back, but its evident doom is setting in. A broken ankle and ligament damage against Wokingham FC was enough to see this player carried off the pitch.

"I cant let the doom consume me - I must think of glee"

James Robinson - the latest on the list of woe. Robinson broke his arm in two places. A metal plate, and pins is the answer, nice! How long before Robinson is back is unknown, we expect 6 months. This means that Jimbo wont be able to do the yard either - this in itself is terrible news.

"I can still play in goal with a broken arm, let me play Nikos "

The club wishes all it's wounded a very speedy recovery and an even quicker return to football. In the meantime the club is calling on all Manics to pitch in and show more commitment - stop pulling girls in London and staying up there, stop sleeping through your alarm clocks with a hangover, stop working at the weekend and play even if you have diarrhea - we really need you!

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