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 Gavin Baker


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Name: Gavin Baker
Nicknames: Gav, Bake's, Baker
D.O.B: 22/12/1978
Tottenham Hotspurs 
Date Signed: 11/08/2005
Signed From/Other Clubs: Dog & Partridge FC
Registration No: 303
Profession: Head of Health, Fitness & Performance, University of Surrey
Most Memorable Moment: Getting a hat-trick in only my 3rd game for Manics and also winning Player's player twice
Years Service:

Gavin Baker joined for the club's 2005-2006 season. Showing his ability, Baker was recruited for the 1st team, and became first choice for the teams left wing position. Both footed, Baker provides the club both a great outlet and great corner taker in competitive games. Baker also posesses a great sportsman's personality out on pitch.

Gavin had a fantastic first season with the club being awarded 'Manics 2005-2006 Player's Player', 'Manics 2005-2006 Most Assists', 'Manics 2005-2006 Golden Farmer Sportman's Cup' and 'Manics 2005-2006 Crossbar Challenge'. Gavin Baker also accepted the opportunity to help out as a staff member at Bracknell Manics FC, becoming a member of the coaching team.

Gavin's third season with the club saw more success. As well as coaching the players, Gavin Baker cleared the trophies in 2006-2007! Gavin won 'Manics 1st Team Player's Player', 'Manics 2006-2007 Most Assists', 'Manics 2006-2007 Joint Referee's Player of the Season' and 'Manics 2006-2007 Golden Farmer Sportsman's Cup'.

Gavin Baker looks to his third season as Captain of the 1st team.

BMFC Man of the match performances:
 - [1ST] League vs Finchampstead Ath Sun - Result: Lost 1-3
/more... [3rd February 2008]
 - [1ST] Cup vs Woodley Saints - Result: Lost 3-0
/more... [7th October 2007]
 - [1ST] League vs Athletico Priestwood - Result: Lost 4-3
/more... [23rd Spetember 2007]
 - League vs Wokingham United - Result: Lost 2-1
/more...  [1st] [2nd April 2006]
 - League vs Manor & Winkfield - Result: Won 7-1
/more...  [1st] [12th March 2006]
 - League vs Athletico Priestwood - Result: Lost 2-0
/more... [5th February 2006]
 - Cup vs Southcote Video - Result: Won 5-4
/more... [9th October 2005]
 - Friendly vs Downshire Arms - Result: Won 7-0
/more... [4th September 2005]

Other related news:
 - Baker Crowned New Coach At BMFC!
/more...  [15th January 2006]


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