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 Lee Blackman


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Name: Lee Blackman

Nicknames: Little Ping

D.O.B: 10/09/1986

Bracknell Manics

Date Signed: 13/09/2005

Signed From: N/A

Registration No: 947

Years Service:

Lee Blackman joined the Reserves in the 2005-2006 season and played a large part in the teams success, winning Division Four. Lee Blackman posesses great pace, coupled with a great touch. Lee Blackman picked up a number of awards in his first season including 'Manics Reserves 2005-2006 Players Player', 'Manics Reserves 2005-2006 Top Goal Scorer', 'Manics Reserves 2005-2006 Goal of the Season' and 'Manics Reserves 2005-2006 Supporters Player of the Season'. Most importantly of all, Lee Blackman was the first Manic in the history of the club to be named 'Bracknell Manics FC Manic of the Season.

Lee Blackman also became the clubs top goal scorer in the history of the club with 21 goals for the Reserves in Division Four 2005-2006. All this summed up that Lee Blackman is a key up and coming youth player for the club with a hugely successful career ahead of him with Bracknell Manics FC.

BMFC Man of the match performances:
 - [1ST] League vs Athletico Priestwood - Result: Drew 3-3
/more... [11th November 2007]
 - [1ST] League vs Bracknell Royals - Result: Won 9-6
/more... [14th October 2007]
 - [RES] League vs Prince FC - Result: Lost 5-1
/more... [22nd April 2007]
 - [RES] League vs FC Muchachos De Bracknell - Result: Won 6-0
/more... [14th January 2007]
 - [RES] League vs Rides Utd A - Result: Won 4-0
/more... [12th November 2006]
 - League vs The Real Oak - Result: Won 5-1
/more... [RES] [26th March 2006]
 - League vs Prince of Wales - Result: Lost 5-3
/more... [RES] [05th March 2006]
 - League vs Real Ranelagh - Result: Lost 6-1
/more... [RES] [13th November 2005]


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