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 Simon Blay


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Name: Simon Blay
Nicknames: Blay, Mr Blay, Oakbutter, G-KOG
D.O.B: 25/06/1980
Oxford Utd & Arsenal 
Date Signed: 14/08/2003
Signed From/Other Clubs: Winkfield Reserves, Crown Wood Wanderers
Registration No: 87
Profession: All Round Entertainer
Most Memorable Moment: Winning Division 2 title at Dog & Duck in dramatic title decider. I had a ponytail that day and had endured torrents of abuse from the sidelines. Boris they shouted as I stormed down the wing time and time again. So it was so sweet to have the last laugh when I went rampaging past their right winger, slotted a sweet through ball to Robbo who sealed the victory with a 3 0 win to claim the title. Oh yes that was memorable. Very memorable.
Years Service:

This devilish player and friend of Chris Wilson is adaptable with the flare and ability to play almost anywhere on the pitch.  Simon Blay is experienced in his football career, having played numerous seasons in the premiership.

Simon Blay (A.K.A. Simon Oakbutter) first joined BMFC in the clubs 2003-2004 season in Division 2. In his first season for the club, Simon Blay recieved 'Golden Farmer Sportsman's Cup 2003-2004'.

Blay was recognised as a player comitted to the Manics Cause, an influential player, and a 'must have' for the success of the club in 2003-2004 season.

Blay then went on to grab a handful of trophies in his 2004-2005. Finding his feet in the squad, Blay went on to earn the 'Golden Farmer Sportsman's Cup 2004-2005' for the second consecutive season. Not only this, Blay also picked up Bracknell Manics FC 'Player's Player 2004-2005' and 'Goal of the Season 2004-2005' in a show down against Gareth Jones winning with both his strikes against Bracknell Rovers and Finchampstead Ath Sun Res. Blay showed continued commitment to BMFC with a series of good performances and plenty of goals up front in end of season friendlies to top off a spectacular season for the Manics player.

Unfortunately Blays 2005-2006 season wasn't as successful. An injury before the start of the season saw Blay fighting back for his place, only to again become injured midpoint after a late challenge against Wokingham Utd where he was carried of the pitch with a broken ankle and torn ligaments. Nevertheless, Simon was involved with the club throughout, supporting at games, like a player with a golden heart and firey red hair quite rightly should.

Continuing to play as regularly as possible, Simon Blay fought courageously all next season in 2006-2007. With ongoing injury problems, fighting for fitness and his place in the team, Simon Blay was finally crowned Bracknell Manics FC 'Manic of the Season 2006-2007'. Not only this but Simon was commended for his hard work by Nikos Patsalides also being awarded Bracknell Manics FC 'Runners-up Managers Player 2006-2007'.

Simon looks forward to his fifth season with the club as he looks to become the next legendry Manic in the making...

BMFC Man of the match performances:
[1ST] League vs Bagshot Road - Result: Lost 3-0 /more... [28th October 2007]
[1st] Cup vs William Twigg - Result: Lost 3-1 /more... [28th January 2007]
 - League vs Reeves Rangers Seniors - Result: Won 3-0
/more... [27th February 2005]
 - League vs Crown Royals - Result: Won 2-1
/more... [09th January 2005]
 - Cup vs Dog & Partridge - Result: Won 3-3 [Abandoned Match]
/more... [03rd October 2004]
 - LEAGUE: Manics 5 Syngenta 0
/more... [29th February 2004]
 - FRIENDLY: Manics 5 Manor 2
/more... [17th August 2003]


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