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 Harry Clowse


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Name: Harry Clowse
Nicknames: Haz, Harry, 'H'
D.O.B: 05/01/1987
Supports: TBA

Date Signed: 13/09/2005
Signed From/Other Clubs: N/A
Registration No: 946
Profession: Carpenter
Most Memorable Moment: TBA
Years Service:

Harry Clowse joined Bracknell Manics Reserves playing week in week oout for the side. Clowse has amazing pace and fights hard for such a young player. Experienced players at the club see amazing potential from the young player who rattled up 13 assists on 2005-2006 earning 'Manics Reserves Most Assists 2005-2006'. Not only a great provider of goals, a great scorer tallying 8 in his first season.

In his second season, Harry Clowse began to shine - he earnt himself 'Manics Reserves Manager's Player', 'Manics Reserves Runners-up' Player's Player', 'Manics Reserves Goal of the Season', and finally 'Manics Reserves Most Assists'; topping off an amazing second season with the club in his 2006-2007 season.

Clowse now takes a step up into the Premiership to prove his worth in the 1st team...

BMFC Man of the match performances: 
 - [RES] League vs Dukes Head - Result: Won 4-1
/more... [29th October 2006]
[1st] League vs Athletico Priestwood - Result: Lost 5-0 /more...  [08th October 2006]
[Res] League vs FC Priestwood - Result: Lost 2-0 /more... [17th September 2006]
 - League vs Ascot Utd - Result: Won 5-1
/more... [12th February 2006]

Other related news:
 - Bracknell Manics win Captain Jim 5-a-side Tournament!
/more... [4th August 2007]


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